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The novelty of the eighth edition of the Palermo Tattoo Convention will be a new contest dedicated to those who "are not comfortable with themselves".

With this contest, INKILO's goal is to create a virtuous circuit with the competent help of industry experts including tattoo artists and dermatologists who give a professional diagnosis to all people who experience discomfort due to scars resulting from accidents or operations. surgical, the aim is to offer the possibility of making an artistic work to improve physical and mental health.


Not only that, this contest will also be extended to those who are no longer happy to have a "bad tattoo" on their skin, the method to cover it will be that of the Cover-up.

Sometimes colors and the artist's talent are not enough, a thematic area will offer a consultancy service to remove a tattoo without damaging the surrounding skin and without leaving any scar, the procedure with the use of a laser used by a professional of dermatology.


"TATTOO WELLNESS", will see some tattoo artists perform at the same time who will be able to express their art in two timed challenges, the first on some models who want to cover old or badly executed tattoos, the second on models that have important scars in order to improve the aesthetic and psychophysical aspect, all this will be broadcast in live streaming on the social networks, website and video blog of the regional media partners.

The TATTOO WELLNESS is a limited number contest, only 6 tattoo artists can access for the two types of performances, Timed Cover-up (timed cover up to max 3 hours), Scar Tattoo (tattoo on healed scars with a time limit of 4 hours).

Some guest artists will be selected to offer their support to tattoo artists registered in the contest, a jury of experts formed by the guests of the event will judge the best work created for the two types of contest.

The winners of the two contests will receive some prizes and recognitions from the organization, from the sponsors of the event and in particular from the TATTOO WELLNESS contest.

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